Sunday, July 12, 2009

rotf optimus prime

rotf leader class optimus prime, finally

back view

finally managed to complete my assignments & can do a real posting. this time a little review about the leader class optimus prime from hasbro. i managed to get my copy before they were sold out everywhere.
nice looking figure

face closeup, a nice tribute to g1 prime

so why buy a movie line figure when you don't like it? curiosity. many fellow blogger and forum members said that this prime was a good transformers figure and it was bigger and better than movie 1 prime. i also noticed that within two weeks of the toy launching prime was nearly sold out as appose to megatron who was becoming a shelf warmer. the more i read about it the more curious i was so finally i decided to buy one. the results were quite good.
twin swords...distant cousin of wolverine?

solid plastic, nice feel

being a leader class prime is tall & big, nearly 1 feet tall. the figure is sturdy & solid. articulations are good; u can turn the head, move the elbows, knees and thighs. this makes prime a very poseable figure. by comparison this prime is better looking than the first which looks shorter and bulkier. prime is fitted with 2 swords attached to both arms and will flip out with a push of a button.
side view

rear view

prime also comes with gimmicks. when you press the centre button his eyes & chest will light up and he will say 'i am optimus prime'. his is voiced by none other than peter cullen, the man who voiced prime in the original cartoons and in all 3 movies. parts of his chest also move, emulating the automorph technology. when you extend primes upper body the popular transformation sound will be produced.
a confusing instruction manual

the box states that prime is a level 4 conversion figure which means the highest level in terms of transformation. the transformation was difficul not because of complexity but due to confusion. a clear example of this confusion involves positioning the arms when transforming to trunk mode. the manual showed that you need to twist and turn the arms several times before connecting them together. this video by takara tomy showed you only need to do so no more than 3 times! the manual also left out one step; once the arms are connected you need to push both arms close to the chest, otherwise you can't close down the truck hood. this is shown in the same video. so personally the conversion level should only be 3.
trunk mode

a modern look for prime

rear view

like the robot mode the truck mode is sturdy and firm. the rubber wheels rolled very smoothly the truck looks impressive. in this mode there is only 1 gimmick; when a button on the back is pressed the windshields will light up accompanied by an engine roar sound.
overal rotf optimus prime is figure. good design and articulations, nice gimmicks and solid feel makes this one good transformers figure. wonder how movie 3 prime will look like?

Sunday, July 5, 2009

rotf buster prime

just a quick one, can't afford to do a full posting because haven't finished my assignments...and the due date is next sunday...sigh
well according to tfw2005 website takara tomy will be launching a second version of leader class optimus prime called buster prime. so far its the same leader class prime but equipped with 2 blasters instead of swords. no detail information is available yet but i'm sure more will be reveal in the following weeks. click me for more info