Sunday, June 28, 2009


finally, leader class megatron!

now prime will have someone to play with

got my copy of rotf leader class megatron today from parkson, subang parade. there a few left & most of the boxes were not in good shape, not suitable for misb collectors. tha's ok since i won't be keeping him in it. as usual prime is sold out like most other places but i already got him a few weeks back. i'm not gonna write about megatron or prime now since that will take time & currently busy with my assignments. but about parkson and what a cool place to shop.
big, big poster

first off i got a free poster of the movie when i bought megatron. for every purchase of transformers items rm200 & above will get it & i was suprised i managed to get 1. during the toy launch late may those who bought the items were also entitled the poster and since i bought late didn't expect to get one. however i'm sure if its the same poster as during the toy launch because this poster is like the ones u see in the cinemas, the big promotional poster...well no matter, still a cool poster.

from rm19.90 to rm7.90, pretty cheap

secondly i also got an rm10 voucher. for every rm150 spent u are entitled for 1 voucher. i'm not sure how long parkson will offer this voucher or if the voucher can be used at other parkson store but i do know the voucher lasts for 1 week. so i decided to use to buy another transformers item & what luck...a 3d deception sticker was available! it wasn't there when i bought the autobot sticker a few weeks back so i grabbed it before anybody else did. when i went to pay the sticker i got another suprise...there was a 10% discount! so rm19.90 - 10% - rm10 - rm0.01 (1 sen rounding) = rm7.90...very, very nice.
thank you parkson for giving so much discount, i'll be shopping here more in the future, that is for certain

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

revenge of the fallen

transformers : revenge of the fallen

well yesterday was the day as i joined hundreds to watch transformers : revenge of the fallen using my "super special premiere screening" tickets...what a laugh. everything didn't go as planned for two reasons : no free gifts & movie expectations wasn't met. there were no free gifts as i was led to believed earlier. when i called toyworkers they said that they only supply the tickets & the organizers where the ones providing the gifts...a yet there was no signs of there "organizer"...felt cheated....well at least i managed to watch the movie.
left to right : g1 prime...yes, movie

left to right : g1 megatron...alright, movie megatron...oh no

the movie...i'll start with the bad news. i just would like to make a statement : i'm an old school transformers fan, meaning i favour the ones in 1986 both us & japanese versions. they were the pioneers of the transformers universe & laid the foundations for the future ones. so this little review is from my personal perspective & i'm sure not all especially the younger generations would not agree with criticism on the movie who would fine the movie great & spectacular. i'm not saying the movie is bad...just not up to my expectations...expectations of an old school transformers.
twins skids & mudflap, got the most onscreen time then the rest of the pack

ravage...with 1 eye?

sam & mikaela...the real "primes" in the movie

bad news (major ones only) : same alien-ish design & look like the first movie (especially the decepticons) & one of the main reasons i don't prefer the movie. why michael bay chose such designs i would never understand. another letdown is the presence of too much human element, more than the first movie. the movie is about transformers, so logically everything should resolve around transformers...sadly like the first movie they take a back seat. most of the focus is on sam, mikaela and the army, its like the transformers are only supporting actors...i'd say 65% on humans and a measly 35% for the 'bots.
the fallen managed to get some airtime

demolisher...short lived

another bad point is that the movie is 35% drama, 35% comedy & 30 action...excuse me but i didn't buy the tickets to watch gilmore girls @ one tree hill. & why so much comedy? its not an adam sandler @ ben stiller i can't believe this movie. one more point every action scene involving the big robots are always shot very fast, up close shots & full of obstacles from flying dust to flying books...excuse me again but i paid the tickets to watch autobots & decepticons beat the living hell out of each other, not big oak trees or some decayed looking stone pillars.
bumblee...still mute after all this time

optimus had a hard time this year

sideswipe...mentioned not more than twice

ok now for good ones : overall its better & bigger than the first movie - more robots, more story, more locations & more fun. for the autobots you have skids, mudflap, sideswipe, arcee & chromia. for decepticons you get soundwave, ravage, fallen, devastator, demolisher, sideways are several unnamed decepticons. the actions scenes are better & more satisfying. several unexpected twists were also added inspired by the cartoons & comics which took my by suprise. for instance we get to see megatron bully starscream like he always do. there was also a recreation of the epic scene between optimus prime & megatron from the cartoon animated movie. i won't say anymore as to not spoil the fun. the storyline was also interesting eventhough it lacked originality.
the conclusion? its better than the first but still full of flaws, the same ones that were in the first movie. personally i'd say a 4 out 5 rating is acceptable & everyone; fan or not should watch it. the younger generation fans or those who don't know the transformers will have a fun and exciting time with the movie but for an old school like just didn't live up to my expectations.

Monday, June 22, 2009


gsc ruined my day

well all the excitement and bragging of being among the first to watch the new movie just turned sour...some of it. gsc announced that they will do their own premiere screening tomorrow at 5.30 pm, which is 4 hours earlier than my showtime. that definitely ruined my day but as they say every cloud has a silver lining. the fact that i already acquired the tickets definitely means that i :
1) have a souvenir like ticket
2) don't have to compete with hundreds for the ticket
3) surely won't be disappointed if fail to get 1
4) guaranteed best sit in the cinema
5) last & most important - a chance to get free rotf mechandise - which was the main reason i booked the tickets from toy workers.
so all in all it seems everything is turning out nicely
big cinema rotf contest

just another info, big cinema is having a rotf contest where the main prize is a 7 foot optimus prime model worth rm45,000 or roughly usd12,900. i saw the ad in the local papers yesterday but when visited their website there was no mention of the contest...maybe they haven't updated the website. sure would be nice to have optimus in the house

Friday, June 19, 2009

transform and out?

guess what? more rotf freebies

got very tired out work today...problems keep piling and piling like there's no tomorrow. got fed up and went to subang parade to let off some steam...and got lucky in the process, i think.
so its kelloggs's turn

it would seems that more & more companies are taking advantage of rotf, the latest one i discovered was kelloggs. currently with any purchase of the regular size breakfast cereals you will get a toy called spinning gyro depicting the heads of optimus prime, bumblebee, starscream & ironhide...ratchet, as usual, seems to be the least popular bot around...
not too pretty

what's a spinning gyro? not sure but from the looks of it its like a top...not certain how it works though. i think i'll pass this time because the face designs are terrible, except for bumblebee that looks like...bumblebee. another turn off is that you can't choose the bot you want, you have to open the box to see who you get. so you could buy 4 boxes and get 4 starscreams.
anyway for those who eat kelloggs won't loose anything since you'll need to restock your supply sooner or later and will get a free toy in the process...not a bad deal.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

sweet revenge

its suppose to be amat amit...oh well

i just collected something exciting from hobby shop toyworkers that i had preordered last march...the premiere screening of transformers : revenge of the fallen on 23 june...1 day earlier than the worldwide screening of 24 june. well actually i'm not in the first batch to watch the movie first, in the us the premier is on 22 june...but its ok to come in at 2nd place, right?
is bumblebee running towards...or away???

can anyone spot megatron?

being the premiere screening of one of the most anticipated movie for 2009 the tickets must be of unique design & presentation and so it is. the card is 3 folded with bumblebee as the main image with a pyramid as background. sam of toyworkers said all of the tickets are only printed with bumblebee...quite sad actually since i ordered 2 tickets. at the back of bumblebee is the image of megatron.
remeber, no illegal recording

23 june...can't wait

in the middle lists the details such as screening date, time & venue. the first venue was at midvalley megamall but was changed to cineplex damansara. the back image shows the decepticon insignia...i was hoping for prime or fallen.
revenge...definitly sweet

i'm looking forward to see how the movie continues from the first & very excited i'll be catching the premiere screening. revenge, indeed is coming

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

3rd mode

received this from kak as this morning...i'm sure some of u have seen it sometime, somewhere. as u can see "ironhide" here is a triplechanger. Eventhough it doesn't show all 3 modes but it does show his 3rd mode which is cool...enjoy

Monday, June 15, 2009

rotf kfc ironhide

rotf has come to kfc

ironhide bagged

good news (or bad) for kfc & transformers lovers, now kfc is offering rotf toys for their chicky meals featuring optimus prime, bumblebee, ironhide & starscream...wonder why the unbalance ratio. i was actually looking forward for any fast food company to offer such toys but didn't expect kfc would be first.
even has a hasbro hologram

the most complex transformation...for a chicky meal toy

you can either get it free with a purchase of the chicky meal set or buy separately which costs rm3 for members & rm4 for non members. sadly for me the excitement was short lived as the toy was a letdown...actually i was expecting way too much from a few rm worth of toy. anyway out of the 4 ironhide was the most transformable so i chose him.
nice ride

side view

gmc anyone?

the design in robot mode is so simple and looks cheap. there's no articulation whatsoever and you can't move any parts save for the ones needed for transformation which are very little. no weapons or other accessory is present and it only looks good from the front. however its strong points is the alternate mode. the vehicle mode is much better looking and comes with small wheels so it can be moved around. there's also a gmc logo in the front bumper.
feelin` lucky punk?

looks bad...

...very bad

well seeing as how the toys are a bit disappointing i guess i won't be buying the rest. maybe i'll wait for petronas's version later next week.

welcome again

hello & welcome to my 2nd blog, transformers : auto-dect. the reason why i'm maintaining another blog is because i want this blog to focus on my hobby which is collecting transformers and anything related with the transformers universe. so why can't i just do it in my first blog, the ark of thought? well...that was my first intention when i started blogging last focus on transformers. but as time went on the ark of thought ark of thought; i blog about everything in it - personal experiences, movie reviews, food and of course transfomers.
then sha, a colleague of mine told me that its better to setup another blog dedicated to transformers. therefore readers especially transformers fans won't be distracted by other postings and can focus on transformers. thus this blog was born. thanks sha for the advice and idea.
well how did i came up with the blog name? auto-dect was taken from words 'autobots-decepticons'; the first half of each word. i changed 'decp' to 'dect' so it refers to a deck - sort of a platform for my collections. initially i wanted to use the name for the new display rack that i wanted to buy sometime in the future to store my collection, but since i couldn't figure out any other good name it'll have to do. so to differenciate this auto-dect from the soon to be one i added the word 'transformers'. it also reflects this blog dedication to the transformers.
also i'll be posting in english for this one as oppose to malay in my first blog. i think is fair since i now maintain 2 blogs...i could also polish my english.
well i guess that's a good start. hopefully i can do better for this blog and everything will turn out nice...thanks for visiting transformers auto-dect