Monday, June 15, 2009

rotf kfc ironhide

rotf has come to kfc

ironhide bagged

good news (or bad) for kfc & transformers lovers, now kfc is offering rotf toys for their chicky meals featuring optimus prime, bumblebee, ironhide & starscream...wonder why the unbalance ratio. i was actually looking forward for any fast food company to offer such toys but didn't expect kfc would be first.
even has a hasbro hologram

the most complex transformation...for a chicky meal toy

you can either get it free with a purchase of the chicky meal set or buy separately which costs rm3 for members & rm4 for non members. sadly for me the excitement was short lived as the toy was a letdown...actually i was expecting way too much from a few rm worth of toy. anyway out of the 4 ironhide was the most transformable so i chose him.
nice ride

side view

gmc anyone?

the design in robot mode is so simple and looks cheap. there's no articulation whatsoever and you can't move any parts save for the ones needed for transformation which are very little. no weapons or other accessory is present and it only looks good from the front. however its strong points is the alternate mode. the vehicle mode is much better looking and comes with small wheels so it can be moved around. there's also a gmc logo in the front bumper.
feelin` lucky punk?

looks bad...

...very bad

well seeing as how the toys are a bit disappointing i guess i won't be buying the rest. maybe i'll wait for petronas's version later next week.


rose_euforia said...

i already have all 4 designs and all sucks!

Scattering Lupines said...

Neat! I have a new appreciation for transformers after reading this posting! I really wish I could read your Curry posting on your other blog. I have recently developed a taste for curry, thanks to a great local Thai restaurant.

Mat`amiT said...

rose - well can't expect much from a few rm worth of toys

lupines - well the post was about a curry restaurant where its curry gravies were not very salty and the mix of spice, curry, salt and sugar were balanced, thus the taste is excellent