Sunday, June 28, 2009


finally, leader class megatron!

now prime will have someone to play with

got my copy of rotf leader class megatron today from parkson, subang parade. there a few left & most of the boxes were not in good shape, not suitable for misb collectors. tha's ok since i won't be keeping him in it. as usual prime is sold out like most other places but i already got him a few weeks back. i'm not gonna write about megatron or prime now since that will take time & currently busy with my assignments. but about parkson and what a cool place to shop.
big, big poster

first off i got a free poster of the movie when i bought megatron. for every purchase of transformers items rm200 & above will get it & i was suprised i managed to get 1. during the toy launch late may those who bought the items were also entitled the poster and since i bought late didn't expect to get one. however i'm sure if its the same poster as during the toy launch because this poster is like the ones u see in the cinemas, the big promotional poster...well no matter, still a cool poster.

from rm19.90 to rm7.90, pretty cheap

secondly i also got an rm10 voucher. for every rm150 spent u are entitled for 1 voucher. i'm not sure how long parkson will offer this voucher or if the voucher can be used at other parkson store but i do know the voucher lasts for 1 week. so i decided to use to buy another transformers item & what luck...a 3d deception sticker was available! it wasn't there when i bought the autobot sticker a few weeks back so i grabbed it before anybody else did. when i went to pay the sticker i got another suprise...there was a 10% discount! so rm19.90 - 10% - rm10 - rm0.01 (1 sen rounding) = rm7.90...very, very nice.
thank you parkson for giving so much discount, i'll be shopping here more in the future, that is for certain


Anonymous said...

i saw some transformers toys selling at petronas petrol station, wonder if its worth buying. one unit is about RM15

Merryn said...

transformers die hard fan eh? i've not even watch the first one! LOL...

iriene said...

Clicked on Digi & Nestle ads on ur blog :D I watched Transformers 2 last Sunday... action-packed and nice graphics. Do keep in touch!

neo said...

Wow..nice toys u have there!

Nicholas Leong said...

lol sadly not a fan of the new toys, the new movie :P

I think Michael Bay is a big douchebag :P

But lots of people seem to like his version of Transformers though. Have fun collecting the stuff :)

Mat`amiT said...

jg - the petronas ones are nice but u need to buy minimum rm15 in order to buy the toys for another rm15

merryn - u should watch the movies...not that good but something new

iriene - thanks for clicking, will ur ads as well

neo - thanks dude

nicholas - u dont like michael bay?