Monday, June 15, 2009

welcome again

hello & welcome to my 2nd blog, transformers : auto-dect. the reason why i'm maintaining another blog is because i want this blog to focus on my hobby which is collecting transformers and anything related with the transformers universe. so why can't i just do it in my first blog, the ark of thought? well...that was my first intention when i started blogging last focus on transformers. but as time went on the ark of thought ark of thought; i blog about everything in it - personal experiences, movie reviews, food and of course transfomers.
then sha, a colleague of mine told me that its better to setup another blog dedicated to transformers. therefore readers especially transformers fans won't be distracted by other postings and can focus on transformers. thus this blog was born. thanks sha for the advice and idea.
well how did i came up with the blog name? auto-dect was taken from words 'autobots-decepticons'; the first half of each word. i changed 'decp' to 'dect' so it refers to a deck - sort of a platform for my collections. initially i wanted to use the name for the new display rack that i wanted to buy sometime in the future to store my collection, but since i couldn't figure out any other good name it'll have to do. so to differenciate this auto-dect from the soon to be one i added the word 'transformers'. it also reflects this blog dedication to the transformers.
also i'll be posting in english for this one as oppose to malay in my first blog. i think is fair since i now maintain 2 blogs...i could also polish my english.
well i guess that's a good start. hopefully i can do better for this blog and everything will turn out nice...thanks for visiting transformers auto-dect


The Rebel said...

Wow! Great start!!! Good idea for an "English-speaking" blog! I have an idea, lets make this an all-English blog...means if anybody posts/replies/comment in BM, you dont have to answer...heheheh......

Mat`amiT said...

hehehe thanks for the moral support bro...ur idea is awesome...if somewhat rude hehehe

The Rebel said...

Rude! Nahh...its aimed to improve the level of English for those who "wants" to.....

"Who eats chilli, hence he will feel the hotness"... :p

shah said...

a very good start AA
this is what i'm looking for
more 'FOCUS'