Thursday, June 18, 2009

sweet revenge

its suppose to be amat amit...oh well

i just collected something exciting from hobby shop toyworkers that i had preordered last march...the premiere screening of transformers : revenge of the fallen on 23 june...1 day earlier than the worldwide screening of 24 june. well actually i'm not in the first batch to watch the movie first, in the us the premier is on 22 june...but its ok to come in at 2nd place, right?
is bumblebee running towards...or away???

can anyone spot megatron?

being the premiere screening of one of the most anticipated movie for 2009 the tickets must be of unique design & presentation and so it is. the card is 3 folded with bumblebee as the main image with a pyramid as background. sam of toyworkers said all of the tickets are only printed with bumblebee...quite sad actually since i ordered 2 tickets. at the back of bumblebee is the image of megatron.
remeber, no illegal recording

23 june...can't wait

in the middle lists the details such as screening date, time & venue. the first venue was at midvalley megamall but was changed to cineplex damansara. the back image shows the decepticon insignia...i was hoping for prime or fallen.
revenge...definitly sweet

i'm looking forward to see how the movie continues from the first & very excited i'll be catching the premiere screening. revenge, indeed is coming