Wednesday, June 24, 2009

revenge of the fallen

transformers : revenge of the fallen

well yesterday was the day as i joined hundreds to watch transformers : revenge of the fallen using my "super special premiere screening" tickets...what a laugh. everything didn't go as planned for two reasons : no free gifts & movie expectations wasn't met. there were no free gifts as i was led to believed earlier. when i called toyworkers they said that they only supply the tickets & the organizers where the ones providing the gifts...a yet there was no signs of there "organizer"...felt cheated....well at least i managed to watch the movie.
left to right : g1 prime...yes, movie

left to right : g1 megatron...alright, movie megatron...oh no

the movie...i'll start with the bad news. i just would like to make a statement : i'm an old school transformers fan, meaning i favour the ones in 1986 both us & japanese versions. they were the pioneers of the transformers universe & laid the foundations for the future ones. so this little review is from my personal perspective & i'm sure not all especially the younger generations would not agree with criticism on the movie who would fine the movie great & spectacular. i'm not saying the movie is bad...just not up to my expectations...expectations of an old school transformers.
twins skids & mudflap, got the most onscreen time then the rest of the pack

ravage...with 1 eye?

sam & mikaela...the real "primes" in the movie

bad news (major ones only) : same alien-ish design & look like the first movie (especially the decepticons) & one of the main reasons i don't prefer the movie. why michael bay chose such designs i would never understand. another letdown is the presence of too much human element, more than the first movie. the movie is about transformers, so logically everything should resolve around transformers...sadly like the first movie they take a back seat. most of the focus is on sam, mikaela and the army, its like the transformers are only supporting actors...i'd say 65% on humans and a measly 35% for the 'bots.
the fallen managed to get some airtime

demolisher...short lived

another bad point is that the movie is 35% drama, 35% comedy & 30 action...excuse me but i didn't buy the tickets to watch gilmore girls @ one tree hill. & why so much comedy? its not an adam sandler @ ben stiller i can't believe this movie. one more point every action scene involving the big robots are always shot very fast, up close shots & full of obstacles from flying dust to flying books...excuse me again but i paid the tickets to watch autobots & decepticons beat the living hell out of each other, not big oak trees or some decayed looking stone pillars.
bumblee...still mute after all this time

optimus had a hard time this year

sideswipe...mentioned not more than twice

ok now for good ones : overall its better & bigger than the first movie - more robots, more story, more locations & more fun. for the autobots you have skids, mudflap, sideswipe, arcee & chromia. for decepticons you get soundwave, ravage, fallen, devastator, demolisher, sideways are several unnamed decepticons. the actions scenes are better & more satisfying. several unexpected twists were also added inspired by the cartoons & comics which took my by suprise. for instance we get to see megatron bully starscream like he always do. there was also a recreation of the epic scene between optimus prime & megatron from the cartoon animated movie. i won't say anymore as to not spoil the fun. the storyline was also interesting eventhough it lacked originality.
the conclusion? its better than the first but still full of flaws, the same ones that were in the first movie. personally i'd say a 4 out 5 rating is acceptable & everyone; fan or not should watch it. the younger generation fans or those who don't know the transformers will have a fun and exciting time with the movie but for an old school like just didn't live up to my expectations.


k0k s3n w4i said...

I am an old-school Transformer fan and I LOVE the new designs of the robots - especially Soundwave (satellite!) and Starscream. And you can't possibly say that Bay's Optimus isn't tonnes cooler than the old Prime - especially since they are both voiced by Peter Cullen.

Borneo Falcon said...

Like you, I grew up with Transformers cartoon since G1 back in 1980s. I am disappointed with the movies so far. I think Michael Bay should watch all the cartoon episodes from G1 to the Cybertron series