Monday, June 22, 2009


gsc ruined my day

well all the excitement and bragging of being among the first to watch the new movie just turned sour...some of it. gsc announced that they will do their own premiere screening tomorrow at 5.30 pm, which is 4 hours earlier than my showtime. that definitely ruined my day but as they say every cloud has a silver lining. the fact that i already acquired the tickets definitely means that i :
1) have a souvenir like ticket
2) don't have to compete with hundreds for the ticket
3) surely won't be disappointed if fail to get 1
4) guaranteed best sit in the cinema
5) last & most important - a chance to get free rotf mechandise - which was the main reason i booked the tickets from toy workers.
so all in all it seems everything is turning out nicely
big cinema rotf contest

just another info, big cinema is having a rotf contest where the main prize is a 7 foot optimus prime model worth rm45,000 or roughly usd12,900. i saw the ad in the local papers yesterday but when visited their website there was no mention of the contest...maybe they haven't updated the website. sure would be nice to have optimus in the house