Thursday, December 3, 2009

henkei ghost starscream

been busy lately, final exams coming up next monday & 17/ i guess blogging will have to wait. as a short entry latest photos of the upcoming henkei ghost starscream is available at tfw2005 (click me & me to read more). as a note the figure is only available by pre-order using the form attached in the transformers generations 2009 volume 2 magazine...the other way is to order from any hobby shop takes offers the pre-order. the figures looks very nice & exciting. glad i placed a pre-order for it early this year...hopefully the price won't be that expensive.

Monday, November 23, 2009

animated toys r us exclusive arcee

animated arcee is coming

back side

looks nice

dual wielding energon sword

close up

good news for animated fans, arcee is coming to town and it looks like she's gonna be a toys r us exclusive (click me to read more). if i'm not mistaken besides being the first fembot for animated this will be the latest addition to fembots in the transformers universe which is very few in numbers compared to the dominating bots.
alternate mode...very futuristic

swords become exhaust

side view


looking at the photos arcee looks nice & well made. personally i like this design compared to other animated figures, mainly because it looks more robotic and the alternate mode is very nice, solid and futuristic. however i'm still not sure if i'll get her because of the colour (g1 arcee is pink). another point is that though the design is more robotic but still not up to my taste. but being a fembot with very nice design it still very enticing...decisions, decisions

Monday, November 16, 2009

encore cassette's big mission volume 3

latest transformers offering

its been so long since i lasted visited my own blog that i forgot when was the last time i updated...the assigments near completion but final exam will start next month, really don't have much spare time.
just a quick one, the latest encore will be the 3rd batch of the cassettes, this time featuring rumble, frenzy, overkill and...laserbeak? again? (click me to read the full news at tfw2005) there's been many laserbeak reissues, too many if you ask me. anyway getting frenzy, rumble & overkill will be nice. many other figures will be released soon, mostly rotf ones like exclusive desert version skids & mudflap, ez collection stealth bumblebee & black optimus prime...take your pick.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Classic/Henkei Frenzy/Rumble?

classic/henkei cassette?

tfw2005 an interesting news today about a prototype for what seems to be a classic/henkei g1 frenzy/rumble (Click me to read the full news). the picture is labeled as 'new 2010 tf'/ other than that no other information is provided. its also uncertain if this will be an official or 3rd party release. however if this turns out to be true than it'll be most interesting.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

original scene artwork

the auction is for this one

don't think the hanging one is for sale

can't believe its more than a week since the last update. so busy with work & university assignments...just completed one yesterday, hopefully i'll be able to settle the other one. just a short one today, tfw2005 posted about an ebay auction for the original artwork of one of the battle scenes which was used in all of hasbro's transformers boxes in the 80s (click me to see the news). the artwork was made by Jeffrey Mangiat with a dimension of 26” X 24” and gouache on illustration board. the seller started the bid with a whooping USD7500 which will end in 4 days & 15 hours (click me to see the auction).
i'm not sure if i'll buy it if i have the money simply because you can buy a vintage misb 1986 figure with the image on the box with a far cheaper and reasonable price. also i believe you can reproduce the image using today's technology in any size you want. but to a true @ hardcore transformers g1 completionist...well that's another story...

Monday, October 19, 2009

knockoff mp megatron

mp megatron with his clone

looks the same but quality wise?

tfw2005 reported that chinese toy website actoys posted new prototype images for a knockoff mp megatron which has been downsized (click me to read full news). the size of the ko figure is about 2/3 of the original one. i guess its the size of a voyager class. however it does not state the material used or mention about transformation process from gun to robot; whether it imitates the mp version.
fusion cannon/scope size more suitable

seems to fit the hand better

one good thing about this ko is that the fusion cannon is also scaled down to better suit the figure, unlike the original one which turned out to be a hassle. whatever the case i don't think i'll be getting this one, i'm done with ko.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

fansproject tfx-defender

new age springer, fantastic

tfw2005 posted another good news, especially for g1 fans like yours truly hehehe - images for the upcoming tfx-defender prototype by fansproject (click me to read the news). what makes it appeal to g1 fans is that its a remake of g1 springer, with new and better design. springer is one of those transformers that didn't receive a face lift from takara @ hasbro in the classic/universe/henkei line.
heli mode

one of the good things about 3rd party manufacturers is that they reproduce g1 characters in new and fresh designs and molds that was skipped by takara & hasbro. on top of that the quality is very good and resembles the characters likeliness in the animated cartoons. what more can a g1 fan ask for?
land vehicle mode

the prototype looks very astonishing and if the final product doesn't look like that it is still promising. i'm definitely getting this piece when its out...hopefully the price is reasonable.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

kabaya candy toys pics

henkei & g1 prime with g1 victory star saber

victory star saber

henkei prime

pose for the camera

nice, nice indeed

tfw2005 has posted pictures of the upcoming kabaya candy toys (click me to go to the page). the figures looks great for a legend class and some assembly is needed to form the robots. sure can't wait to get my piece.

Monday, October 12, 2009

encore 18 skids

data card

data card back

vehicle mode

rear view

side view

different angle

robot mode

gun attached

more weapons

and more

head shot

different angle

looks nice

well tfw2005 posted new pictures of the upcoming encore 18 skids (click me to see the full news). some sellers are bringing in skids next week so it looks like i need to wait until then.
right - encore, left - commemorative

notice the clear windscreen and windows

close up

the pictures also compares the encore version with the earlier 2003 commemorative one. one distinctive difference between the two is the use of clear blue plastic for the windscreen and door windows on the encore. this makes skid looks better and more realistic. his commemorative version. can't wait to get my piece.