Thursday, November 5, 2009

Classic/Henkei Frenzy/Rumble?

classic/henkei cassette?

tfw2005 an interesting news today about a prototype for what seems to be a classic/henkei g1 frenzy/rumble (Click me to read the full news). the picture is labeled as 'new 2010 tf'/ other than that no other information is provided. its also uncertain if this will be an official or 3rd party release. however if this turns out to be true than it'll be most interesting.


The Spinner Rack said...

you have a pretty cool blog here i'm interested to know what you think about the live action movies.

The Rebel said...

Is the HEnkei line coming back? Hooray!!!!

Mat`amiT said...

spinner - live action movie? don't know if it'll work since i don't quite like the movies...but maybe there's hope

rebel - don't know yet bro, have to wait & see