Thursday, October 29, 2009

original scene artwork

the auction is for this one

don't think the hanging one is for sale

can't believe its more than a week since the last update. so busy with work & university assignments...just completed one yesterday, hopefully i'll be able to settle the other one. just a short one today, tfw2005 posted about an ebay auction for the original artwork of one of the battle scenes which was used in all of hasbro's transformers boxes in the 80s (click me to see the news). the artwork was made by Jeffrey Mangiat with a dimension of 26” X 24” and gouache on illustration board. the seller started the bid with a whooping USD7500 which will end in 4 days & 15 hours (click me to see the auction).
i'm not sure if i'll buy it if i have the money simply because you can buy a vintage misb 1986 figure with the image on the box with a far cheaper and reasonable price. also i believe you can reproduce the image using today's technology in any size you want. but to a true @ hardcore transformers g1 completionist...well that's another story...


kenwooi said...

wow.. really nice artwork! =)

Mat`amiT said...

yeah & a classic one