Thursday, October 15, 2009

fansproject tfx-defender

new age springer, fantastic

tfw2005 posted another good news, especially for g1 fans like yours truly hehehe - images for the upcoming tfx-defender prototype by fansproject (click me to read the news). what makes it appeal to g1 fans is that its a remake of g1 springer, with new and better design. springer is one of those transformers that didn't receive a face lift from takara @ hasbro in the classic/universe/henkei line.
heli mode

one of the good things about 3rd party manufacturers is that they reproduce g1 characters in new and fresh designs and molds that was skipped by takara & hasbro. on top of that the quality is very good and resembles the characters likeliness in the animated cartoons. what more can a g1 fan ask for?
land vehicle mode

the prototype looks very astonishing and if the final product doesn't look like that it is still promising. i'm definitely getting this piece when its out...hopefully the price is reasonable.


The Rebel said...

Who's the person(s) behind all these fans project figures bro? Springer looks cool! How much wld it be? (banyak lak soalan)

Mat`amiT said...

hmm not sure who they are, just know that they're 3rd party produces. as for the price it's yet to be announced...just hope it won't be too expensive

Mohamad said...

Wow, didn't expect them to do a whole figure :) but it's definitely looking great.

Anonymous said...

spotted at Amcorp Mall (tingkat atas), apa nama kedai tah, depan kedai baju.

price RM770.00.