Monday, October 19, 2009

knockoff mp megatron

mp megatron with his clone

looks the same but quality wise?

tfw2005 reported that chinese toy website actoys posted new prototype images for a knockoff mp megatron which has been downsized (click me to read full news). the size of the ko figure is about 2/3 of the original one. i guess its the size of a voyager class. however it does not state the material used or mention about transformation process from gun to robot; whether it imitates the mp version.
fusion cannon/scope size more suitable

seems to fit the hand better

one good thing about this ko is that the fusion cannon is also scaled down to better suit the figure, unlike the original one which turned out to be a hassle. whatever the case i don't think i'll be getting this one, i'm done with ko.


TT said...

cool toy

Mat`amiT said...

yes...but quality wise usually
not so good