Thursday, October 8, 2009

BTS trailer variant

purple for shattered glass prime

clear one for henkei clear prime

it looks like 3rd party BTS is going to release 2 new trailers in addition to the existing 2 trailers - a purple one for botcon exclusive shattered glass prime & clear henkei prime. i'm suprised they decided to make trailers for both of the exclusive figures, quite a bold move. click me to read more.
new mold for arm machine

roller will also be included.

from the pictures the trailers are identical to the old ones except for different colour (for shattered glass) and uses clear plastic (for clear henkei). it is also stated that the machine arm will use a new mold. these units are also limited - 350 pieces for clear & 450 for purple. those who want to complete their shattered glass and clear henkei primes should get them.


Anonymous said...

Bts pun ader wat variant gak? Habis la korang kekeke. Dah po ke blom ni?