Friday, October 2, 2009

kabaya candy toys

well it looks like local toy shop famitoy managed to be featured in tfw2005 news update, congrats - click me for the update. the news was about the new transformers candy toys by kabaya which offers victory star saber, g1 prime & henkei prime which are transformable! from the pictures it seems they're of wst @ legend size. g1 prime is nothing new but the henkei prime & victory star saber is something new in wst size.
famitoy is offering rm15 a piece or rm120 a box of 8 pieces (1 usd = 3.47 rm). each piece comes with a candy gum and 1 of the 3 figures. i already preorder a piece & hope to get star saber since it looks much cooler than g1 @ henkei prime. i'm keeping my fingers cross very tight hehehe.