Friday, September 25, 2009

bt-02 dx accessories set - update

animated prime with btstoys trailer

trailer with henkei/classic rodimus, titanium ultra magnus & animated cybertron mode prime

the weapon/trailer hook attached to the figures, a crane hook is also given for grapple

the weapon attached to animated cybertron mode prime

here with animated prime

the gun mode

well looks like tfw2005 posted the latest update & photos of the accessories. it seems that the items focus more on weapon / trailer hook for animated prime, henkei rodimus & titanium war within ultra magnus. meaning that its a weapon that doubles as a trailer hook which enables the figures to attach to a btstoys trailer...such a disappointment. i was really hoping for more weapons for henkei/classic figures. guess i'll skip this one and hope for a better set weapons to be made. click me to check the site.


Mohamad said...

Best gak tgk benda ni. Sebbaik aku tak kolek TF sgt hehe