Tuesday, September 15, 2009

ehobby d-22 black starscream

at last black starscream

released in 2001, hard to find these days

today i'm gonna blog about another rare & exclusive piece that i managed to acquire that will stay misb - the ehobby d-22 black starscream. this figure was released in 2001 together with ghost starscream, the transparent version of the figure. being a starscream figure as well as an ehobby exclusive made this item highly sought after by fans especially g1 fans. the downside is its high price and limited availability.
robot mode & face closeup

f-15 fighter...nice

i was fortunate enough to get hold of one at half the current market price. because mine will stay put in its box i'll use photos taken from tfu info (click me to go to the site)
parts that needs assembling - hands, launcher, rockets & null ray cannons

more parts - wings, vertical tailfins, landing gear & horizontal tailfins

there's not much difference between this figure and the normal figure other than the repaint. the colour scheme is loosely based on the 1997 machine wars starscream which was also black except for the addition of gold colour. articulations is still limited to the shoulders and you still need to piece together the parts aside from simple transformation to form the robot or the f-15 fighter. basically its a normal diaclone based g1 starscream in black and gold.
i don't intend to get the clear version of this figure because i have something more interesting in mind...but that's another story


Anonymous said...

Nice collection!

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Pencopet said...

dahsyat gila la hang punya koleksi.
awat tak post picture kat kg. pisang or transmy?

nick aku kat transmy, kosmonaut
kat kg. pisang, comrade