Sunday, October 4, 2009

universe perceptor commemorative edition

finally, perceptor


i was excited last week when i saw commemorative perceptor in toys r us & quickly grabbed one. it has been months since the first news of perceptor being reissued again under the universe/classic line & was looking forward to get my own autobot scientist.
open up

out of the box

if i'm not mistaken this is the 3rd time he's being reissued with last time by ehobby as magnificus in his microman black colour version (click me for info on microman). having a microscope as his alternate mode he is considered 1 of the unique transformers in g1 along side reflector; a 3 decepticon bot that combines to form a camera. that's another figure i hope to get one day. one interesting thing about the toy is that perceptor is a triple changer - robot, microscope & tank. he only has the microscope form in the cartoons, though he can fire lasers from the scope.
transformation manual

missile launcher, missiles & gun

as a reissue there aren't any difference with the previous figure except for the missile launcher; hasbro removed the spring which makes the launcher work...for safety reasons they say. now not only you can't fire them but the missiles will not snap into the launcher which makes it easier to lose them. other than that the toy is 100%...well, perceptor.
microscope front

side view


zoom out

zoom in

the microscope mode is interesting. it looks & feels like a real microscope eventhough the scope doesn't work. the lens are made of plastic and you can turn the scope dial to emulate zoom in & out. the back of the scope can be turned as well to emulate image clarity. the scope can be moved up & down and the dials on each hand can also be turned but won't raise or lower the mounting platform & scope. they're more of a decoration than anything else.
robot time

side view

rear view

armed & ready

head gear

where's my...


the robot mode is great. his appearance is like in the cartoons except for the mouthplate & oversized shoulder cannon which is the scope. he got the mouthpiece from his original microman mold while the oversized cannon to accommodate the microscope mode. the scope can be mounted on either shoulder but the toy design mounts it on the right, it is mounted on the left in the cartoons. he's very sturdy & feels solid. articulation is quite good due to his transformation process. the elbows can be moved, legs spread apart & knees bent. you can do a fews poses with this scientist hehehe. 1 feature i found interesting was that it uses a gear disk to move the head up & down. the common design to move parts like hands in & out of the arms is just by sliding. this way you can play with the head like a turtle.
nice tummy




however there is one part that i can't figure out its function; the stomach. his stomach can be opened but there's no space. the opened part can also be turned 360 degrees. if anyones knows its function please do tell.
tank mode

artillery mode

rear view

the tank mode is the weakest of all 3 modes. its more of a tank/artillery hybrid; if you straighten him out it'll be a thin tank, if you raise the turret i'll look like an artillery. nothing much to play with except roll him out. still a nice addition to his other modes.
all in all this is a very satisfying transformers toy to have. good design, matching colours & classic feel makes perceptor one great transformers.


Borneo Falcon said...

Never realize he is a triple changer before

Mat`amiT said...

actually he's not...its because they used the original microman mold which was triple changer

Anonymous said...

The part in his stomach is a replica of a mirror on older microscopes. You could angle it so the light went up through the slide and you could see the specimen. Now it's mostly electronics, but it used to just be a mirror. :)