Friday, June 19, 2009

transform and out?

guess what? more rotf freebies

got very tired out work today...problems keep piling and piling like there's no tomorrow. got fed up and went to subang parade to let off some steam...and got lucky in the process, i think.
so its kelloggs's turn

it would seems that more & more companies are taking advantage of rotf, the latest one i discovered was kelloggs. currently with any purchase of the regular size breakfast cereals you will get a toy called spinning gyro depicting the heads of optimus prime, bumblebee, starscream & ironhide...ratchet, as usual, seems to be the least popular bot around...
not too pretty

what's a spinning gyro? not sure but from the looks of it its like a top...not certain how it works though. i think i'll pass this time because the face designs are terrible, except for bumblebee that looks like...bumblebee. another turn off is that you can't choose the bot you want, you have to open the box to see who you get. so you could buy 4 boxes and get 4 starscreams.
anyway for those who eat kelloggs won't loose anything since you'll need to restock your supply sooner or later and will get a free toy in the process...not a bad deal.


dmarks said...

Never heard of Frosties before. But it must be similar to Frosted Flakes, due to the mascot.

Jacob Yap said...

Nice, haha. Thanks for sharing.

khairul onggon said...

autobots.. lets eat!! hehehe... Thanks singgah blog saya..

syikin said...

love Frosties!!!! but i do not like the toys..kinda lame

prefer MC Donalds kiddie stuffs. cuter!