Sunday, July 5, 2009

rotf buster prime

just a quick one, can't afford to do a full posting because haven't finished my assignments...and the due date is next sunday...sigh
well according to tfw2005 website takara tomy will be launching a second version of leader class optimus prime called buster prime. so far its the same leader class prime but equipped with 2 blasters instead of swords. no detail information is available yet but i'm sure more will be reveal in the following weeks. click me for more info


Jake Lo said...

What's a Buster Prime, an Optimus Prime or another one of the Primes? By the way, thanks for the visit!

Mat`amiT said...

well from what i've read buster is another version of the leader class prime only this time with 2 guns (first version with 2 swords). also buster will have prime's mouth exposed like in the movie