Wednesday, August 26, 2009

costco energon optimus prime

next misb - costco energon optimus prime with overload

rear view

enough of movie line & back to familiar territory. today i'm gonna write about another misb item & one of my favourite figure - costco energon optimus prime. i'm keeping this baby misb because its a store exclusive. store exclusive means that an item is only available at a specific store @ supermarket. in this case costco prime is only available at costco supermarket in the us. the loose figure photos taken from internet.
left to right - armada prime, k-mart prime & powelinx prime

there are 2 other variant or armada prime beside armada (original) and this one - k-mart and powerlinx. k-mart is another store exclusive limited to k-mart supermarket. it comes with powerlinx jetfire and 6 minicons - longarm, comettor, sparkplug, dune runner, iceberg & ransack. it uses the same colour as armada except the cab is coloured gold.
cab robot mode

matrix of leadership

left to right - corona sparkplug & sparkplug

powerlinx prime is a repaint of grey and red but mass release to the market. it comes only by itself but with corona sparkplug. i was undecided which repaint to pick so i asked by brother to decide. he chose costco because he said the colour scheme made prime looked like a samurai warrior. funny though because some reviews said that this prime looks like ronald mcdonald!.
cab & trailer

combined with overload

costco prime is packed with costco overload and like most store exclusive both are repaints which means have different colour from the original figures. prime is in burgundy, black and yellow while overload is yellow & red. they are accompanied by rollout and corona sparkplug. this version of sparkplug is gold chromed as apposed to normal yellow plastic, another reason to get this figure. i still don't know why its under the energon line when it is a repaint of armada prime.
base mode

combined with overload

because its an armada mold prime can combine with armada jetfire & overload (along with their repaints) to form megaweapon in robot, vehicle and base mode. eventhough its on par with leader class the transformation level is only 3. one reason is because of the automatic transformation gimmick of the trailer where it will automatically transform when you transform the cab...a very cool gimmick.
superweapon mode

combined with overload

because i only have a deluxe version of armada prime i can't actually tell how the toy is. so i'll just summarize a review made by cliffbee (click me to read the review) :

- new cab design
- plastic tires instead of rubber
- no minicon port
- simple transformation
- cab robot mouthplate is move-able
- limited articulation

- 4 minicon port on trailer
- simple design & transformation
- automatic trailer transformation (battery operated) when cad is transformed

- more than 7 minicon port in base mode
- LED light up & sound for console
- many move able parts etc seat, door

giant robot
- limited articulation
- right fist LED light up gimmick
- firing sound gimmick
- 1 minicon port on each shoulder
- blocky design