Thursday, January 28, 2010

fansprojec bruticus maximus upgrade

fansproject new project

looks like...

blast off!

last month fansproject announced that they will produce a new set of upgrades for bruticus maximus, like the ones they made for superion maximus...only this time bruticus will receive new robot members along with accessories. this is certainly a major step by fansproject giving new figures as upgrades instead of accessories only.
accessories for onslaught

new feature

nice, like omega supreme

the first figure announced was blast off which will be a shuttle (click me to read more). here he's called explorer and will be the right arm of bruticus. accompanying accessories meant for onslaught can be transformed into a launch pad for blast off. the accessories among others will be a new head & twin back cannons for bruticus.
swindle's next

next to a more detailed blast off

bruticus maximus with new accessories

recently fansproject released new info where swindle will be the next figure & he's called crossfire (click me to read more). as in the cartoon he'll be bruticus's new right leg. new accessories for bruticus will be a blaster, groin guard, fists & foots as well as a knife @ short sword.
looks more g1

"you want some?"

new twin back cannons

melee weapon for close combat

its very clear that fansproject want to make bruticus maximus more g1-like and i'm sure this is a welcome for g1 fans. now to hope the price will be in arms reach.