Friday, January 22, 2010

takara book reissue targetmaster kup & wheelie

targetmaster kup & wheelie takara book reissue

rear view

first page

this time i'm gonna write about targetmaster kup with wheelie, the takara book reissue version. this 2005 kup is a reissue of the 1987 targetmaster kup except this time he's paired with the witty wheelie and his normal handgun returned. recoil returns as his targetmaster partner. a takara book reissue refers to reissue transformers toys by takara (now known as takara tomy), mostly g1 figures in a book style casing.
second page

poster page

forth page

i got this piece early last year at a reasonable price from a seller in penang. & its still misb, what luck. its still misb but i have no intention to keep them that way, just waiting for the right time to unleash them into the world hehehe.
fifth page

sixth page

last one

still misb

being a takara book most of its contents are in japanese so i don't know what it says. there's images other available toys like the pretenders & junior headmasters (marketing purposes i think), g1 skywarp description and of course descriptions of kup & wheelie. i don't know why but here kup is refered to as chear.
kup, robot mode

truck mode

attack mode


standard gun

since kup & wheelie are still inside the book i'll refer to cliffbee's review on the figures (click me to read the full review). the robot images are taken from (click me to see more). for kup cliffbee wrote :
- a futuristic trunk as alternate mode
- have rubber tyres
- mount for recoil available
- colour & design true to movie & cartoon appearance
- legs can't be moved but high articulation in arms : shoulders, elbows, wrists
- 7/10 rating

car mode

as for wheelie :
- a futuristic car as alternate mode
- car mold matches his movie appearance
- bad robot design, doesn't match the movie appearance
- little articulation : arms, hips & feet
- 2/10 rating
from the images i guess wheelie is kinda a disappointment but with kup & recoil as a set it sure is a nice addition to any g1 collection. i'm actually looking forward to get my hands on them.