Monday, January 4, 2010

henkei ghost starscream is mine!

who says ghosts are scary?

my goodness its been a month since i last blogged. after exam season was over i was on year end leave, which means had to rely on poor internet connection hindered any attempt to update the blog. anyway now that i've started working again hopefully i can blog as usual.
think its not too late to wish everybody happy new year 2010. may all out dreams, hopes & wishes for 2010 come true & all things well. as a start i wanted to blog about the kabaya candy toy that i got recently but forgot a few photos, so that will have to a substitute i'll annouce this : henkei ghost starscream is mine! finally after a long wait he's in my grasp...or kinda. i got him last sunday from chupa, a fellow forum member of sembangtoys, a forum for local toy collectors. the price was reasonable & cheaper than other sellers that i know.
unfortunately its still misb as i decided to open (along with other misb) when the toy rack is available, which i hope will be around this year. so there's only 1 photo here. but not to worry as i've posted pictures of the figure in my previous posting, so head there to see ghost ss in action if you haven't seen him already...