Thursday, January 7, 2010

kabaya candy toy - star saber

kabaya candy toy is here

1, 2 here go

3 is a nice number

anyone read japanese?

well as mentioned before i finally able to post about the kabaya candy toy. this will also be the first review on transformers toys i have acquired in a long time...
looks familiar...

very familiar...

prepare for some assembly fun

now what's interesting about this is that you can choose which character you like - g1 prime, star saber @ henkei prime. when it was 1st announced that kabaya will be selling these candy toys it is said that you cannot choose the characters because there is no indication on the box which one you are choosing, its a gamble. so if you were to buy 2 boxes you could end up with 2 similar toys. this was a disappointment as i only wanted star saber. then all of a sudden kabaya decided to do otherwise. now each box is marked with the pictures of the characters. they are also numbered - 1 is g1 prime, 2 is star saber & 3 is henkei prime. i guess kabaya realized the concern of collectors and was sympathetic, as using the random method would make a collector buy several boxes in order to increase the chances of getting what they wanted...lucky us i guess

the chewing gum

looks pale but smells nice

the toys comes dismantled and in pieces with each piece attached to a plastic frame, just like a gundam model kit - you have to cut out the pieces & join them together piece by piece until the toy is completely formed. no worries here as the assembly needed are very simple & straight forward. a manual, which is written on the inner side of the box is very detail & helpful. a novice like me took around 1/2 hour to complete the assembly.
space cruiser mode

a bit bland...

but acceptable

like old fashion transformers toy you need to apply stickers to the toy, thus a sticker sheet is provided. besides that you'll also get a piece of kabaya chewing gum. i'm not sure if all kabaya toys come with a chewing gum as this is my first kabaya toy. i didn't taste the gum but it does smell a chewing gum way
robot mode

the brainmaster locked in jet form

the finished toy looks exactly like the original star saber, minus a few....lot of things. 1st of its a very scaled down version of the original, i'd say its the size of a scout class. i'd wager its just the size of the original's brainmaster robot. because of this it lacks details which makes star saber grand & powerful...though he's cuter this time. same goes for the space cruiser mode, very simple & easy. there's no brainmaster gimmick as its fixed in jet mode. its clear the toy focuses on star saber in complete robot mode. the size is also an issue for the gimmick.
battle ready with trusty saber blade

side view

rear view

transformation is also simple. from robot mode just detach the head & fastened it on the hook at the back, straightened the arms, fold the feet, detach the chest, connect it with the nosecone to form the jet then connect it the neck. the sword blade can be fastened on the back beside the head. articulation is also limited - the head, arms, elbows can be swung, the legs can be spread a bit & the feet can be folded.
all in all this is a nice toy even if its too simple. the assembly part is fun, the design is nice & most importantly its my first star saber to start save money to get the original