Sunday, January 31, 2010

mcdonalds transformers animated

mcdonalds tranformers animated is here

2008 us release

first up is prime

nice design & transformation

i can't believe it, but its finally here. 2 years after it was released in the us mcdonalds malaysia finally released the transformers animated toys. sadly only 4 figures are available as apposed to 6 in the us - prime, megatron, bumblebee & ratchet (starscream & lugnut are m.i.a).
robot mode

truck mode

side view

same toy as first release

the first to be released was prime & when i got mine last thursday they had just opened a box full of prime. from the stamp its clear that this is the same prime released on 2008, not a new figure. i'm actually pleased with the figure as it has a decent design & transformation process. it certainly doesn't feel cheap & is a nice addition to any collection. can't wait to get the next figure